sunday night scramble

     The Season Three finale of PBS's Downton Abbey is beginning in a while and my husband wants to know what's for supper. Goodness me, where are the priorities??
     I tried to pawn off suggest another round of roasted chicken and potato salad leftover from the other night, but he wasn't buying it. He is usually good for a second go 'round, but not a third.
     The solution to remaining roasted potatoes and salad greens was to re-invent the components into a completely new dish, quickly... before I completely miss out on the latest escapades of my British friends.
     A sort-of frittata was born. I cut the potatoes into rough chunks, added diced shallot, a couple of slices of smoky ham, torn into pieces and a dab of butter, then sauteed until hot and crispy. A handful of arugula greens were tossed in to wilt. Two fresh eggs were scrambled and poured over.
     A slice of strong Irish Swiss was tossed on top, then everything was mixed together until it all came together. Firm, yet soft.
     After plating, I sprinkled a pinch of salt, lots of freshly ground black pepper and a bit of Parmesan over. Served with a slice of buttery raisin toast and a cup of piping hot black tea, this Sunday night scramble was the perfect way to recycle the leftovers in a fresh, new way.
     A second cup of tea and a couple of shortbread cookies are ready... Just in time to hear what Violet has to say about life this week. 

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