perfect tomato sandwich

     I'm impatiently waiting for the official start of summer. The time of year when I can set my watch to Tomato Time... the days when our household's favorite fruit is in its plumpest, ripest, freshest glory!
     When the weather is warm, the old kitchen stove is on vacay. We don't think twice about firing up the grill, but I'll do just about anything to avoid heating up an indoor appliance.
     So what can you do for a fast, healthy meal? I love, love, love a juicy tomato sandwich. I'm letting you in on a little secret...  Forget simply smearing on the mayo. Say Whaaaaat?
     Well, sort of forget it... Modify and enhance your sandwich dressing. Bring on Tomato Nirvana! Take a few dollops of a good quality mayo or make your own. Add 1 tsp of Dijon, a pinch of garlic powder, zest and juice of a lemon, coarse sea salt to taste, lots of freshly ground black pepper and a few thyme leaves... lemon thyme if you have it. Stir all of this up in a bowl and generously slather on bread of choice.
     Slice your ripe tomatoes and layer on one side of bread. Sprinkle with a tiny bit more sea salt and pepper if desired. Scatter a few arugula leaves on the other side. Slap it together and slice into triangles. Serve it with carrot sticks and your favorite dip made with fat free Greek yogurt instead of sour cream and a tall glass of tea, garnished with a sprig of orange mint!
Perfect. Tomato. Sandwich.

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