november: a month of less

     Did you see all of the hoopla surrounding hashtag-thirty-one-days in the month of October? It's all over the blogosphere. Quite a few bloggers are participating. It is all the rage. I even managed to rope a friend into joining the party. I'm thoughtful like that. #31days.
     But what about moi? You can ask some of my childhood friends... I'm not a joiner. I've never been one to do group stuff. (Well, not in a creepy, loner, Unibomber sort of way or anything like that.)
     I don't impulsively enlist right away. I like to think, simmer and ponder. That's a diplomatic and sweet way to say I'm a procrastinator or a wee bit slow.
     You may have noticed the silence on this end... I've been quietly working on a tiny little project. It's not near as grand as #31days. It's November. There's only hashtag-thirty. So, stay tuned. I hope to keep you entertained. And curious.

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