a time to purge: living with less...

     Today, it is muggy and drizzly outside, dusty and cluttered inside... but just my bedroom and closet. Why do master bedrooms serve as a dumping ground for stuff you don't know what to do with??? I need a force field or an electric fence to prevent all of the stuff from entering.
the finished product. neat and pretty
     I began early, after the Master himself got out of there, and started by stripping the bed. While the cozy, light gray flannel sheets launder, I'm planning to dust, vacuum and purge.
     Let me stop first and talk about sheets. Specific sheets. Solid Hemstitch Flannel from Ballard Design. They're aMAZing and velvety soft. They're I'm-not-EVER-leaving-this-bed soft. These sheets feel like you'd imagine a bunny's ear would feel. The more you wash them, the softer they become.
     I ordered them when they went on sale, which they frequently do. I may never stop sleeping on them until they completely wear out. (It may involve a super high air conditioning bill in the Southern summer, but we'll see.)
photo courtesy of Ballard Design
     So, back to purging. I gathered a few laundry baskets and filled one with things for donation to a clothes closet. In another, I placed gently loved clothing that could be sold to a designer consignment in town.
     The third, I placed paper items to be moved to my office for sorting at a later time. I also had a very large trash can ready to fill with paper items that did NOT need to move from one place to another.  
     I removed all hanging clothes and shoes from the closet. I then dusted and vacuumed the entire little room, including shelves. All summer shoes were place on high shelves and winter shoes, including boots below, within reach. (A couple of seldom used things, like a basket of ball caps and visors, and my hiking boots leftover from life in Tennessee, were relegated to the rafters as well.)
     Shoes are required (by moi,) to be in some type of box. It can be the original shoebox or a plastic one. This way, they stay dust-free and don't fall off the shelf or go wandering around and get lost from a mate.
     There's nothing so annoying as one lone shoe, is there? I currently own two pair of rogue, un-boxed boots... I'm trolling the shops for suitable containers.
wall of shoes
     The same organizational reasoning is behind the order of hanging items. Warm weather gear and light colors toward the back wall and cold weather things in the front near the divider. I looked over purses, totes and belts, and dug through my large basket of sheets, removing things not recently used. Items not worn in the past year are placed in or next to baskets to discard. When purging, you must be tough and brutish. Show no mercy. Get rid of it!
hanging wall
      I usually hang the lighter weighing, shorter shirts and caridgans on top of the divided side. Group colors together and place all patterned items near the front. Sweaters in the middle, shirts near the front. (My chef shirts take up the rear.)
     On the bottom are short jackets and coats, skirts and a few blazers. The long-hanging side is organized by season, then item and length. A stylish wicker hamper hold small washables.
     I placed my three scarf and hat boxes on the shelf. Two baskets on the shoe wall hold linens and purses. Two large, pewter hooks hold hats, a couple of belts and a few aprons.
behind the door...
     This took me quite a while to do, but I was rewarded with dinner out, a clean room and a beautiful closet NOT filled to overflowing. I'm ready to snuggle in the cozy sheets. The master suite is once again SWEET! And clean sheet night is my favorite night of the week!

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