goodbye fat pants, part one

     Recently, I had a breakthrough. Or a breakdown. Or a meltdown. Whatever is was, it was NOT pretty. Or good. Well, maybe it will be good. Eventually...
     I am SO over being overweight. I joke about still carrying excess baby weight. The baby is twenty-one. In my mind's eye, I still look the same as I did thirty years ago, but that horrid mirror mocks me as I pass. I can almost hear it, Bahahaha. (I think it was previously owned by the Evil Queen in Snow White.)
     For quite a while I have been lazily mulling over different diet plans, researching and talking to friends with no further action. Let me just say, there are a LOT of crazy ideas for weight loss out there! I even considered a few of them for a minute or two.
     Some recommend an extremely low calorie intake. A few still tout carb-reform. Several advise drinking something... as your meal. I don't know about you, but I really like chewing. Also, when reading package ingredients, I felt I needed a chemistry degree to understand what was in it. I still want to consume real food that grew from the ground, not created in a lab.  
     Deprivation is not a great motivator... If you know anything at all about me, you understand why. Food and I are in a very serious relationship. I plan my day around what and where I'm going to eat. My brain is wired that way. Recipe ideas dance through my head like sweet little sugarplums.
     I love the creative aspect of cooking. (Hence, the blog name.) I'm a church cook. Preparing large quantities of food is a weekly (plus) occurrence... taste, adjust, taste again.  I'm also located in the South... our clientele demands a certain amount of comfort food. I try to temper their requests with healthy versions of old faves.
     Adamant about retaining passion for the job, I thrive on inventing new things for both of my families, at home and church.

Cooking is relaxing and therapeutic. I never get tired of it. I'm always keen on learning more.

Something's gotta give...  Stay tuned.


  1. I hear ya sister. I am on the same journey and my mirror must be your mirror's twin sister!

  2. We CAN do it, Anony! Stick with it. Be healthy. Good luck to you :)

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