goodbye fat pants, part two

     Bright and early, just after breakfast, I logged onto Weight Watchers dot com. The info they provided on the How does it work page nearly brought me to tears... they were speaking my language.
     There is a recipe builder, where a recipe can be entered to check on its point value, then adjusted if necessary. It is simple to convert old faves into healthier versions. No giving up the stuff you love. I'm okay with that.
     The smart phone app makes it simple to keep track of everything, even on the go. And there's even a scanner built in to scan food in the store before you buy it! It all seems very relaxed and do-able.
     Each of us is wired differently. That is one reason so many weight loss plans exist. The Weight Watchers online plan is the one that will work for me.
     A couple of years back, I began walking four miles, five days a week. Without changing any eating habits, the scale told a story of loss. Sadly, that lasted about a year.
     This brings me to the next goal... returning to the habit of intentionally moving... cardiovascular-ly, for a prolonged period of time. (This is separate from and in addition to the crazy, strenuous lifting, bending, walking and moving I do at work in a commercial kitchen.)
     So come on along and follow my journey with me, but not too closely... things could get ugly.  I'll be posting some recipes with photos and directions.
     I'm usually in a hurry, so most recipes take less than thirty minutes to prepare. I love vegetables. I love bright, colorful meals. I love locally sourced, seasonal eating. Let's get healthy!

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