i'm such a loser

     I'm such a loser, but in a really good way! I'm wearing jeans TWO sizes smaller than before, for the first time in 15+ years! WOO HOO! Go, me.
     I feel great. I'm not starving or taking a diet pill or living on some crazy concoction like cabbage soup. I'm eating real, healthy food, preparing it my way, which is delicious... and the pounds are sliding off. So are my old jeans.
     I've been on this healthy little road trip for around a month and have dropped twelve unwanted pounds. I'm NOT going back.
     Weight Watchers is so, so simple. Anyone can make it work. But... you have to pay attention to what your hand is shoving in your mouth. That's it, really. I'm not lying! You have to think.
     Take a few carrot sticks and an apple and a couple of bottles of water with you as you go, you'll be less likely to drive-through some place unhealthy. Planning ahead really makes you successful.
     As a professional in a commercial kitchen, I'm constantly tempted to gobble up some of our divine goodies. (Get it? Church kitchen. Divine goodies. Haha.) Lunch on the busiest days are the most likely time for me to mess up. So is late at night.
     For the past month, I've prepared my lunch in advance and carried it with me on days I work in the kitchen. A few times, I even made lunch for the other girls... sharing healthy stuff is fun!
     A pouch of tuna mixed with whatever you like, a few Wasa crackers, carrots and some fresh fruit makes a great lunch. Or, lean deli ham, arugula, spicy mustard, low fat Swiss cheese and a low-carb tortilla wraps up that growl-y sound coming from your mid-section.
     Pair  with some Special K cracker chips and chunks of fresh pineapple and you're full for the rest of the afternoon. Mix it up and be creative. You can take favorite sandwich items and make them into a salad.
     If I can do it, you can too. Just stay positive and think before you eat... Let's be healthy! www.weightwatchers.com    

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