there's no place like home

     I sort of feel like I haven't been home for two years. Not really. Not fully, mentally and physically  HERE. Sure, I've slept here. And cooked here. I practiced a hit-and-miss type of housecleaning and laundry. My obsession with seasonal decorating is a faded recollection. Sniff.
     Working a so-called part-time job and caring for ailing in-laws had turned my normal on it's head. I've desperately missed our little homestead.
     Metaphorically, I clicked my ruby slippers together about a week ago, when I underwent gall bladder surgery. Manditory relaxation. Doctor prescribed vacay.
     No heavy lifting for a month. My faithful staff is running the church kitchen like a well-oiled machine.
     I'm recovering nicely and feel like I belong here again. I may never leave. In case you're wondering what I've been up to during my recuperation, here's a little sampling of my activities. I've been quite productive in a moving-slow-as-a-turtle sort of way:

*After sleeping most of the first day, I've finally caught up on everything I recorded on the DVR. Let the deleting begin.

*Corrected a few grammar faux pas of FB friends.

*Commented online on a hotly contested current event... something I rarely due, since I really don't want to reply to anyone with a viewpoint different than mine. I like to avoid arguing. Especially with idiots.

*Researched how to renew my passport. The government website doesn't make it easy. No one is a bit surprised by that.

*All of the laundry is done. No really... all of it. My mom would be SO proud. (Disclaimer: this is due to the fact that I'm mainly wearing stretchy, non-binding pajama-type stuff and my husband is out of town on business. Hannah does all of her own laundry. Currently, our elderly, semi-incontinent dachshund, Lulu is creating the bulk of the wash. She's too short to reach the control panel.)

*Pioneer Woman's iced coffee syrup is cold-brewing on the counter. I'm so excited! By tomorrow, I will be enjoying a tall glass of icy, coffee goodness. Don't be jealous... make your own!

*Yesterday, since it's been a week and the groceries were dwindling and I had a slight case of cabin fever, I bravely ventured out to the Farmers' Market in town. After about forty-five minutes, I wanted someone to drive me home.
     I took a rolling shopper so I didn't have to carry anything heavy. I scored lots of amazing local produce. But... as we all know, hindsight is twenty-twenty. What the heck am I going to do with all of this stuff? I guess I'll be right here, cooking. Slowly. For short periods of time.

*This morning, I fed the porch and herb garden plants with liquid fertilizer, then noticing the herb garden's unruly, neglected appearance, attacked the thyme and Greek oregano with the garden shears.
     Using Michelle @ Restoration Spring's recipe, I will sort, clean and dry the leaves for homemade, dried Italian seasoning.
     I have a six-gallon bucket to go through. Have you ever stripped the leaves off of a thyme branch? I may be at this a while... good thing I'm not going anywhere. And I can sit down while doing it.

*Tomorrow, I'm beginning the daunting task of typing up Salt Food Ministry's (the church kitchen) recipes, in a sane and legible manner. When I cook, some would describe me as crazed... a wild look in my eyes and food in my hair. Tricia sports a pensive stare and subscribes to a cream-cheese-icing facial regime. I usually explain our manic style away by saying, We're fine. We're in the cooking zone.
     Fabulous meals are created without formal recipes, mainly using three of our five senses... taste, smell and feel. The cook and the baker... That's how we roll around here. 
     The overstuffed recipe file from my office is bordering on hilarious... stained with food, written on all manner of paper scraps including old invoices, bottoms of old emails and even a church bulletin or two. Ingredients are crossed out and recipes revised many times over. It will be fun to decode these schizophrenic cooking notes.
     It could be very important to write some of this stuff down. Someone may need it some day. We may lose our minds completely and forget how we've done it in the past. (That's actually already happened. We just re-invented the dish and moved on... hence all the scribble and hen-scratch.)

*Best thing of all... I've returned to the blog and my love of writing after a super-long hiatus. I've been working behind the scenes to clean up some messy older posts, fact checking a few of the recipes and mulling over new stuff. Yay!

There's NO place like home and a little down time!