daddy's girl

     Tomorrow is Fathers' Day. My dad is having a much better day than the rest of us. He gets to celebrate with our Heavenly Father... The Number One Dad Himself! Daddy has spent the past twelve years that way. He passed away one June day, just before Fathers' Day. (That kind of ruined it for me.)
     In the grand scheme of things, I think God's plan was for a dad to be a child's first glimpse of the unconditional love God has for each of us. Some guys are a really good example and others, not so much. My dad did a fine job of mirroring His characteristics. The four of us were SO blessed. 
     Daddy was my mom's one true love. He and Mommy were kind of like a fifties sitcom couple, always holding hands... right up to the very last moment. My parents, both with a great sense of humor, kept us laughing. It taught me not to take myself too seriously and always look on the bright side.
     He took us to church every Sunday. He modeled by example how to make a commitment to a group of people with similar beliefs. I learned to keep my eyes fixed on God, since other flawed humans, (like ourselves,) can let you down. He showed me what having integrity looks like.
     He encouraged me to start over and try again when I completely messed things up. He believed in endless second chances for people, cars and houses. He was never too busy to help someone out and never met a stranger. I learned that there always is someone out there who has it much worse, so don't whine. Get up, look around and do what you can for another.
     He taught me to fish. He often burned whatever he put on the grill. He had no use for cats. He loved telling really corny jokes. He could fix, make or build just about anything. I learned not to be in a hurry to toss something aside and that learning never, ever ends.
     I am forever grateful that the Lord saw fit to send him my way. I am thankful I got to call him Daddy. And each Fathers' Day, I will miss him forever... until we meet on that beautiful shore.