Beautiful November: thirty days of less

     I love the month of November. It's the month I was born. I shared that birth month with my sweet Daddy, (how I miss him so.)
     I adore the colors and smells associated with the Autumn season. I love the bountiful things that grow around us... apples. pumpkins. pecans.
      Oh, and let's not leave out my most fave, Thanksgiving Day. I will spend many hours planning for that one day.
     And, then there's the gravy. Does anything really smell as wonderful as a lovely pot of Turkey gravy?
     In the month of November, I'm striving for less... to be less, physically speaking. To get healthy. To own less. Time to purge. To need less materially and give more. Also to be less, spiritually. Less of me. More of our Great God.

1 goodbye fat pants, part one
2 goodbye fat pants, part two
3 spiral-sliced zucchini spaghetti with garlic and pecans
4 lightened up diner classic: burger and fries salad
5 mom upside down is wow!
6 spaghetti squash carbonara
7 the broccoli slaw project: garden veggie soup
8 thankfulness
9 taco soup
10 chimichurri: a little, green flavor bomb
11 scorched tomato bruschetta
12 i'm such a loser
13 rare roast beef and herb cheese wrap
14 chicken chili stew
15 holi-dazed and confused
16 the broccoli slaw project: chicken lettuce wraps
17 spicy grilled shrimp
18 vintage post: thanksgiving, the rodney dangerfield of holidays
21 a little snl video
22 let's review: green truck pub
23 a time to purge: living with less
27 toscana rustica revision

Okay, okay... it really turned out to be #twentytwodays instead or hashtag thirty. Ugh! it's that whole life-getting-in-the-way thing again.  Try not to hold it against me.

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