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chicken tikka masala my way

Dear Soulmate, I know you are all about FAST in the kitchen, but you're also a very thrifty girl. Here is my version of chicken tikka masala, which I liked better than that store-bought stuff in the jar. It's way cheaper, too… In our area, a 16-ounce jar of Masala sauce is around $4. Masala is a simple tomato sauce and by making your own, you can customize spices to your own taste. You can make a few batches of the sauce at a time and freeze it. (If you hate it and still buy sauce in a jar, I won't be offended or consider disowning you.) To arrive at this recipe, I studied several articles written by Indian women. They were all very interesting and I learned a lot from reading the history of the dish. I adapted this version for simplicity and flavor. It is as tasty as it is colorful and beautiful. I love your idea of adding peas and carrots, but am not a fan of the sweet potato. I had a butternut squash, so I cubed it up instead. I've included a vegan version at the very…

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