blogiversary top ten

     Well mavenettes, on Tuesday I celebrated my TWO year blogiversary. I've learned so many new things since I started... Allow me to share a few of them with you:
10.  The very best picture needs to be above the fold, a newspaper term. (In bloggerland, it means the stuff you see without scrolling.) It entices a person to keep reading.

9.  I really don't have much to tweet about.
8.  The blog's original name, Nutritionista Diaries was way too hard to remember and even harder to explain.

7.  There are actually 433 things you can do with a rotisserie chicken while homeschooling.

6.  Michael Pollan ROCKS and his simple book, Food Rules is on the nightstand, with my Bible.
5.  In 2011, after writing for nearly a year, I discovered that I'm not the only Food Maven. I'm a little slow.

4.  You CAN train your friends to wait before eating so you can properly frame a shot of their dinner. Every time you dine with them.

3.  Sometimes, a reader might not understand your sense of humor... or maybe you're just not as funny as you thought. 

2.  Only the best people name their appliances.
Lady Gaggia

And the Number One thing I've learned is:
     Food is a beautiful gift from God. It tastes really, really good. I still love cooking, eating, shooting and writing about every single bite.


  1. Congrats on your blogiversary, Susan! Love to read what you have learned, too funny! :) Love ya, sistah!